QuOtE Of ThE DaY

Monday, 27 July 2009

ThE FaCes

I absolutely adore working with vintage images... they are so pleasing to the spirit.
"Something about these images take`s me deep within myself"

Most of my work Involves working with an Image and manipulating It, using photoshop and various brushes...
Sometime`s the changes are only very subtle, because I just adore the original so much...and find It hard to alter them...and sometime`s you have to really look deep within the picture..to find images or messages that need to be found.

The pieces are layered with hidden imagery, each telling its own story.......that wont always be revealed straight away.
I tried to design them so that they would invite you to take a closer look and take you on a journey into the past, present and future.

Evoking a multitude of emotions and thoughts based upon your own life journey

Some of the images,(above) have been created using the digital collage sheets I purchased, from Sabrinan Zanetti... "her images are absolutely gorgeous".


Her Art Nest said...

Thanks for dropping by today and becoming a follower....I love your altered art and collage work. Your mermaids are wonderful! I signed up to become one of your followers. I just might have to order some of your collage sheets. ~Nan

donna said...

Hello Nan..really nice to have you as a follower...I have two obsessions In my life..(well two main ones).."creating art and lavender"...I love your blog..because when I spend time there, I can almost smell the lavender.