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Friday, 24 July 2009

HeLp NeEdEd

When I`ve visited other blogs I`ve noticed that some people have "blogs they follow" displayed...how do you do this ?...I have tried lots of different. ways..without much success..I can include a link to the blog..but what I would like to have is an image as well...(like the list I have already)...any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you to lynne from Moonlight journey ..For her grateful help with the problem above...It is no longer a problem..yeah!!

This is a piece I made from the free collage sheet I recieved from "moonlight journey"....Check It out for more details of how you can recieve a free collage sheet. p.s thank you Lynne for the TWO free gifts


MoonlightJourney said...

Hi Sweetie! This is what you do: sign in to your blog. Get to your DASHBOARD. Where you see "New Post, Settings, Layout..." click layout. Then look for the part that says "Add A Gadget" When the next window opens, look down the list for "Configure Blog List." When you get there, fill in the info and save it. You can add or subtract later on. It will appear on your blog, just as you had hoped it would!

donna said...

Thank you so much Lynne..I am so grateful for your response...I gave It a go...and guess what..."SUCCESS"

(p.s hope you got my first reply)