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Sunday, 23 August 2009

AwArD FoR Me...

I Have got an award..Oh WoW..how good Is this..The award has been given to me by Kelly from AlTered Art JeWellEry "Thank you Kelly"

I have to list 5 things that I love, then choose 10 of my favourite blogs, to give this award too.

"Ten blogs"... how can I possibly decide,which blogs to choose, when there are so many amazing blogs that I love and visit everyday..Oh! this is gonna be hard...but here goes".

Five things that I love.. Beside the obvious, like my family and friends..

I LoVe

1. Documentaries.
2. Salsa. (Music and Dancing)
3. Lavender.
4. The colour green.
5. My big fat marshmallow bed.

And I send an award to the people below..."whose blogs are so very addictive....and are generally the reason why I keep from getting anything done".

Her art nest

Creative chatter

Inky fingers


Working projects

The Ravens whim

Something to crow about

Abundant curiosities


Just simply charming


Amy said...

Thank you for this award!!!! You are too kind! I will blog about it very soon as I am going away tomorrow for a day of fun before the kids get back to school.

Terry Pitzel said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I am new to blogging so this is a treat for me. Thanks for bringing my attention to all these great blogs. I am going to visit you all.


SuviAnniina said...

Im more than happy & honored to reseve this award, from such a creative and inspiring artist like you, thank you so much :-)

Cath Wilson said...

Wow! I'm honoured to be given this award. Thank you so much, Donna. You've made my day. One question - how have we never come across one another when we live so close? Thank you!

Mar said...

thank you for this award! It takes me awhile to get these things up onto my blog...in the meantime i will be visiting the listed blogs, since they are all new to me!