QuOtE Of ThE DaY

Friday, 14 August 2009

InTRoSpEcTiVe ExPrEsSiOn

This is a close up of the Image I am referring too....I can`t show you an Image of me in a "painstaking pose"....or tranquil mood ..but I think you may get the Idea.

Each word...or phrase is Individually placed on the object and though, It may seem like a time consuming effort,It has actually been quite therapeutic and..."a mentally liberating exercise".

I have spent...quite moments with my own thoughts.

If you look carefully at the Image on the left,(below) you can just see the Individual words (we begin to love) that I "painstakingly" cut out, coloured the edges and then glued onto the Image.

The Images below..take you on a journey to the finished results

The Image on the left was printed with an inkjet printer..and has a sepia kind of effect, the colours appear matt, and the Image on the right,is quite bright and colourful, the colours are more glossy. I used a laser printer for the right Image.

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