QuOtE Of ThE DaY

Thursday, 22 October 2009

ChAllEnGe TwO

Being new to the challenges...can someone please tell me,
1.Do they last a week.
2.How do you link directly to the image.
3.What other rules are there.

My second challenge, Challenge 45
Art creations friday.


Femmy said...

beautiful work as all your cards!!
yes most challenges last a week, some even longer, just look at the homepage, there is described how often there is a new challenge.

LiveArt said...

Beautiful piece, love it!


blackdragon said...

WOW... i love all your art.
As Femmy said most challenges last a week... but some are fortnightly and some monthly.... it usually tells you in the discription of the challenge. There are a few 'dark art' challenges... some of your work would greatly admire on those. As for a direct link...? I have no idea!!!! I cant do it, so like you i need to learn.

Betty said...

Love your work. Here is a link to another blog site, this is where I learned to add links. Click here. Hope this helps.

gaby braun said...

You can also click on the hour of your post, copy it with the right button of your muse and paste it on the comment.
The other way is like Betty said.
Beautiful work.

Faye said...

I went for a walk with Benji and loved it. What a cute dog!

As for the direct link bit, Betty has given you good directions. A direct link to your particular entry can be found by clicking on your title for that entry and reading what is in the address bar at the top of your window. Then copy that address and place it in the part of what Betty told you - between the quotation marks.