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Sunday, 19 December 2010

I Have Many Faces

Close your eyes.. picture me.. What do you see?
I am only one person, with one mind, one soul, one heart.. but I have many faces.. Can you tell them apart?
Many say I have the face of an angel..strong and wise.. Look alittle closer.. Can you see the devil in my eyes?
In the morning when I awake.. I look in the mirror ans ask my self.. Which face shall I wear today?
For I have many faces..
Do you see a women torn between who she is and who she wants to be?
Do you see a mother who tries her best?
A women who hides her fears, holds in all her tears?
Do you see a friend? A lover?
Do you wish to seek and discover?
Do you see the child inside?
Do you see my wild side?
Do you see me as a writer? A delighter?
Do you see me as an employee? Future interior designer?
Do you see my rage? I feel like the true me has been locked in a cage..
Can you see my confusion? Is this life just an illiusion?
Can you see my dreams?
Can you hear my screams?
Do you see my pain? I feel as if I am standing on the outside, looking in.. afraid of what may come..
Yet still thru each trial, I hold my head up an smile.. Acknowledge my prides..
Tell myself if I can make it thru today.. tomorrow will be o’kay..
So many faces… longing for embraces..
Now open your eyes.. look at me and tell me.. Who do you see?

~I Have Many Faces~
Written By: Kathleen.Ross

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