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Monday, 30 January 2012

CrAfT FaIr

Decided to finally get out into the big world and try to sell my handmade artwork...(badges,magnets,cards.neclaces,keyrings) I got a stall at my local farmers market this sunday. Although it was really quiet and I didn’t sell very much, it was still a positive experience.
What this experience taught me is "I`ve got so much to learn about selling crafts"....like for eg:something as basic, (but really important) as...how to display my stuff. Below are a few images of my display

This is s sample of the images i used to create some of the cards....Once I printed the images out I embellished them with a bit of bling.

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SuviAnniina said...

I think it looks excellent. Remember that the volume of sales does not resolve, but the artistic quality and the people who appreciate it.