QuOtE Of ThE DaY

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


AnOtHeR DiGiTaL ArT ShEeT.
~ThOuGhT I WoUlD HaVe A Go At DeSiGnInG My OwN PaPeR TaGs~
HoW DoEs A PeRsOn GeT SaLeS On EtSy...It SeEmS So HaRd To GeT PeOpLe To EvEn VeIw My ShOp....GoT ME woNDeriNG, is IT beCAusE my DIgiTAl SHeeTS arE toO exPEnsiVE or IS thE arTWorK nOt gOoD eNoUgH.
WiSh I KnEw HoW ThE ShOpS WhO HaVe SaLeS In ThE 1000s Do It.


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