Lilymelba: My Beautiful Boy....Wilson x

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My Beautiful Boy....Wilson x

 My Boy Wilson.

-My baby boy, Wilson, passed away on August 14th, 2023-.
How do you ever get over the loss of someone who has been part of your life for such a long time?
My heart is truly broken. I stayed awake and held him for three solid nights. I prayed that he would close his eyes and leave this world peacefully. Wilson was diagnosed with aggressive cancer of his spleen and secondary cancer in his lungs in March, so I knew my baby was a poorly boy, but for nearly five months he was a very strong boy and showed no signs of just how bad his situation was. On about August 9th, he began to slowly succumb to his illness. I prayed so hard for my baby to stay strong and stay with me because I loved him so much and couldn't bear the thought that soon he would have to go. In the end, I had to "do what was best for Wilson, as my friends told me. I cannot get that day out of my mind. I live every second and feel so many painful emotions. Did I really do what was best for my boy? The guilt crucifies me. I cannot believe that I will never see him again. I miss him so much. What do I do to ease my pain and live with the loss? The grief is unbearable. When people see me smile and look at me getting on with life, they just haven't got a clue. 
I know I will never be the same again.

-Wilsons favourite tree-  

-The years go buy so quickly-
-Cherish every second-