QuOtE Of ThE DaY

Monday, 20 June 2016


CaNdY FlOsS CrEaTiVe
"I`m in the process of starting up my own candy floss venture...Let the fun begin"

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oh WoW!...it seems like such a long time since i wrote on this blog.. 
My new years resolution was to pay more attention to my little blog...that was one resolution, among many that i definitely haven't kept..."so far", 
Just uploaded my new creation too etsy...Eight artist trading card size images.
They took me nearly all day to create, but i had loads of chill out fun creating them...in between taking my dog Wilson to the park...hes such a patient dog! 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

HaLLoWeEn CuTtInGs...ToRn EdGeS

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown




WoW!..it`s been a really long time since I wrote anything on my blog...
I`ve been busy doing other things, "nothing exciting", but nothing worth sharing on this blog.
Still playing about with photoshop and creating lots of digital collage sheets..
With Halloween on the horizon, I have made a few different styles, like the one above.
Collage sheets are great to use with your own greeting cards, note cards, journal pages and much more....They are brilliant If you don`t feel very creative.
"let someone else design for you".
For sale on EtSy

Saturday, 31 May 2014








(This is a really small size)

Anyone want a free gift....

(right click on the image and save)

Digital Collage Sheets

 Hello anyone who decides to visit this blog....I have`nt been on it for a while or even bothered with any updates....(sounds like i`m feeling sorry for myself)...maybe I am
I have`nt even been doing my usual art blog visiting..must be something wrong with me...but "TODAY" is a new day and has/as I have just loaded some new collage sheet onto Etsy, I thought I would share it on my blog.
I still absolutely love using vintage images but lately i`ve been creating images for journalling and scrapbooking.
(I have enclosed a gift from each of the sheets shown)
~A GiFt FoR YoU~




New Digital collage sheets for sale at


~A GiFt To YoU~

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


AnOtHeR DiGiTaL ArT ShEeT.
~ThOuGhT I WoUlD HaVe A Go At DeSiGnInG My OwN PaPeR TaGs~
HoW DoEs A PeRsOn GeT SaLeS On EtSy...It SeEmS So HaRd To GeT PeOpLe To EvEn VeIw My ShOp....GoT ME woNDeriNG, is IT beCAusE my DIgiTAl SHeeTS arE toO exPEnsiVE or IS thE arTWorK nOt gOoD eNoUgH.
WiSh I KnEw HoW ThE ShOpS WhO HaVe SaLeS In ThE 1000s Do It.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

BrUsHeS Or OvErLaYs

ThiS Is A SmALL SaMpLe Of ThE OvErLaYs Or BrUsHeS..ThAt I HaVe StArTeD CrEaTiNg.
My oVeRlAyS CoMe As InDiViDuAl PNG FiLes... WiTh A TrAsPaReNt BaCkGrOuNd. 
ThEy CaN Br PlAcEd OvEr ImAgEs AnD WiLL NoT BlOcK OuT WhAt Is UnDeRnEaTh It.
ThEy CaN Be PuRcHaSeD iN My
Here is a really good turorial on how to use overlays

Sunday, 6 October 2013