Lilymelba: FrIdA KaLhO...NeW VeNTuRe

dAiLy QuOtE

FrIdA KaLhO...NeW VeNTuRe

I`m thinking about starting a new project...printable digital art prints. 
The good thing about these art prints is that there will be no waiting…no postage…no hassle! 
The images that I create will be  printable instant digital download files. 
They will be large high quality/resolution image in png format at over 3507px X 4959px. 
You will be able to print up to poster size with this image. 
You can get this printed as a fine art print on canvas or paper, photo paper;  Just load the file onto a USB stick and take it into your printing company or upload it to an online site for printing. 
The image can also be cropped to suit your preferences....You will be able to print onto fabric (you can DIY this yourself with fabric transfer paper) can even downsize the file to make lots of other art and craft projects...May start creating the images tomorrow because I`m tired today and I haven't got the energy or the enthusiasm.